Nowadays people are looking for ways to make their money work for them. When you consider depositing or investing your money in bank institutions, their interest rates are very low. And if you are looking to make gains, they will be very small considering the time you have to keep them in your account. People are looking for quicker gains within a short period of time. And most APY’s (Annual Percentage Yields) are around or less than .01% at best. So, keeping your money in an account and only gaining .01% for the year isn’t very motivating. So, what are the alternatives? - Glad you asked.

Coinbase has a few block chains with crypto currencies that you can invest in that will give you as much as a 6.00% APY. If you don’t have a Coinbase account then right now would be a good time to deposit or invest in these 4 Block Chain crypto coins.

- Algorand (ALGO) - 6.00% APY
- Cosmos (ATOM) - 5.00% APY 
- Tezos (XTZ) - 4.63% APY
- Dai (DAI) - 2.00% APY

Not only do they have high APY’s, they also have the ability to make gains periodically during the year in addition to their high APY’s. And if gains are what you are looking for, this info should be very enlightening. Please note in order to take full advantage of APY's you must hold the coins for a specified amount of time.

by J$imm$

(posted 12:05 am march 22nd, 2021)

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(posted march 21st 5:59 pm)

I was so excited when Coinbase added ADA Cardano recently, especially knowing that Coinbase is set to go public this month. Unfortunately the IPO is being pushed to April due to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) fining Coinbase for False Reporting and Wash Trading that occured on its GDAX platform (now Coinbase Pro) between January 2015 and September 2018. Check out Kevin Helms of Bitcoin.com article on this situation.




(posted march 17th, 2021 7:03pm)

The Stimulus checks are starting to be delivered via direct deposit providing a small but needed pump into the economy. With March Madness coming up and other sporting events going on it may be a good idea to look into some stocks in the online gambling sector. Companies are aligning such as Draft Kings with the NFL and Buffalo Wild Wings with MGM to name a few. 

Here is a list of online gaming (mobile sports betting) stocks.




(posted march 17th, 2021 9:06 pm)

The cannabis community awaits new legislation impacting the cannabis business boom. If you would like to invest into some of the top cannabis companies without buying stocks of each individual company, you can invest into an ETF which contains several cannabis stocks. For instance the AdvisorsShares Pure Cannabis ETF YOLO contains companies such as Village Farms International, Inc (VFF) Aphria Inc (APHA) Canopy Growth Corporation (WEED) and more.

Check out this list of Cannabis ETFs.




(posted march 17th 9:30 pm)

Penny stocks provide you with the opportunity to make a sizable profit from a small investment. However if handled carelessly penny stocks can bring your portfolio value down due to the value of the stock going down. Some investors believe it is wise to only have a small percentage of your portfolio to consist of penny stocks.

Here is a Watch List of Penny Stocks under $5 a share. https://dash4dollaz.com/pennystocks


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